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Riffwars is teaming up with @Bruceyoungguitar to bring you the Gravity Giveaway. 

First Place Prize: Six Gravity Razer 1.5 mm smoke finish premium guitar picks, one .77 mm Gravity Translucent Purple pick, a Riffwars T-shirt and a surprise from the stash of @Bruceyoungguitar.

Second Place Prize: A Riffwars T-shirt

1.) Follow @Riffwars and @Bruceyoungguitar
2.) Post the official giveaway photo in your Instagram gallery (found at @Riffwars Instagram)
3.) Make ONE NEW video of you rockin' your favorite riff and tag #RiffwarsGravity

The videos will be judged based on coolness, sickness, badassness, and awesomeness. The top 5 videos will face off in a RIFFWAR, with the winner decided by @Riffwars followers. 1 Like = 1 Vote.

This contest is open INTERNATIONALLY. 

Entries will be accepted up until 12:00 A.M. EST Monday, August 24th.

Good luck. Rock on.


Later Event: August 27