It is not difficult to be featured on @RIFFWARS. Here are a few tips that will help your posts to get noticed:

  • Follow Riffwars and follow other artists who actively participate and support the Riffwars community.

  • Have good video and audio quality and avoid a loud backtrack, if any at all.

  • Use the Riffwars Hashtag system correctly. (Click HERE to read about Hashtags) 

  • Have a gallery that displays your love of all things guitar.

  •  Be involved in the community! Give positive feedback and support to other featured artists.

  • Do not send your videos in a direct message. Riffwars cannot download and feature videos that are sent in a direct message.  

  • The people behind the scenes here work very hard to bring you Riffwars, a simple "thank you" goes a long way.

Videos will NOT be featured if they….

  • Are not oriented right-side up.

  • Have ambient background noise.

  • Do not show you (at the least, your hands) playing the guitar.

  • Have singing. 

  • Contain any visuals or audio referencing race, religion, sexual preference, hate, gangs, or political preferences.

  • Are too short.

  • Feature an instrument other than a guitar.

  • Misuse Riffwars hashtags. Examples include: if you are a man, and you tag your video #riffwarswcw.. that's WOMAN crush Wednesday. If you are playing an electric guitar and tag your video #riffwarsacoustic. If you are playing Pantera and tag your video #riffwarsjazz. (Click HERE to read about Hashtags) 

  • If your account is private.

  • If your account promotes, represents, solicits, or advertises for a third party service, company, or brand.


We encourage everyone following @RIFFWARS to actively participate by commenting and liking videos on our instagram @RIFFWARS. However, Riffwars does not condone certain behavior and will not tolerate inappropriate comments or actions.

The following comments will be removed from the @RIFFWARS instagram

  • Any comments that are not of a positive and encouraging nature.

  • Unsolicited criticism. In example: "This would sound better if..." "You should have played it this way..."
     "your form is good BUT..." Note, videos tagged to #riffwarscritic are exempt from this rule.

  • Any comments Riffwars is not comfortable with or deems offensive.

The following actions will get you BLOCKED from the @RIFFWARS instagram

  • Disparaging comments on an artist's feature about race, gender affiliation, appearance, or personal information.

  • Comments that are intentionally mean, i.e. "This sucks." "This is horrible."

  • Comments that advertise another site or product. 

  • Comments that are disparaging to Riffwars.

  • Repetitively posting negative comments despite receiving warnings from Riffwars.

Best practice when participating on @RIFFWARS...

if you don't have something nice to say, say nothing at all.

Need a positive example of how to participate on @RIFFWARS? See @Stratcat25, the Riffwars HOF Goodwill Ambassador.

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Just can't wait for a random feature? Click Here to visit The Store and purchase feature time on @riffwars!

Just can't wait for a random feature? Click Here to visit The Store and purchase feature time on @riffwars!